Samira Manthey Art Object Leipzig

Samira Manthey Art Object Leipzig Germany Geometric Space System

Samira Manthey Art Objekt Leipzig geometry made from wood painted with white vanish from a series of objects in
2012, 65 centimeters times 40 centimeters times 55 centimeters or 25 19/32 inches times 15 3/4 inches times 21 21/32 inches
middle density fiberboard and White Varnish. The artwork speaks about a system that is making a circle and relates to philosophical and mathematical basic knowledge. It has been installed and sold in Leipzig Germany. Other places where works are installed are Sydney Australia, Vienna Austria, Seoul Republic South Korea, Hamburg Germany, La Rochelle France.
Samira Manthey art in architecture Kunst am Bau three-dimensional artwork geometric kinetic light installation.

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