Samira Manthey Art Installation Phillip Hiersemann Pleuger Volkspark DSC3152_Samira Manthey

Samira Manthey art in architecture kinetic art installation Volkspark Germany

Samira Manthey Art Installation Volkspark geometry, 120 centimeters times 120 centimeters times 100 centimeters or 47 1/4 inches times 47 1/4 inches times 39 3/8 inches
middle density fiberboard and polyacrylic and an engine. The artwork speaks about a system of thoughts that move and connect differently thus staying in preset formation, It relates to philosophical and mathematical basic knowledge. It has been installed and sold in Volkspark Germany. Other places where works are installed are Sydney Australia, Vienna Austria, Seoul Republic South Korea, Hamburg Germany, La Rochelle France.
Samira Manthey art in architecture Kunst am Bau three-dimensional artwork geometric kinetic light installation.

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